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Watch Tamron Hall hold Scott Baio accountable for sexist memes in this epic interview

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall was not putting up with any excuses from actor Scott Baio, a Donald Trump supporter, when she confronted him about sharing a controversial meme showing Hillary Clinton in front of what appears to be "the C-word." Over the course of four minutes, Hall repeatedly skewered Baio for sharing the meme, demanding to know, "Did you think about that in church, when you tweeted it out?"

Baio, who is best known for his role as Chachi on Happy Days, attempted to backtrack. "I offered it without commentary, that was just put up," he said. "I just put it up there."

"Yeah, but you know what it meant when you tweeted it out," Hall said. She then pivoted to another tweet that showed an unflattering picture of Michelle Obama with the text "Wow. [Obama] wakes up to this every morning."

"That tweet was a joke. Tamron, I'm a guy from Brooklyn. I have a certain sense of humor. I sit with my buddies and we smoke cigars. I joke about— "

Hall didn't let him finish. "But does joking about a woman that way make America great again?"

There is not a whole lot you can say to that, but Baio awkwardly tries — complete with an uncomfortable explanation of how he "accidentally" blocked Hall on Twitter. Watch the interview, below. Jeva Lange