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Why you should never go into the office when you're sick

Stop coming to work sick! Not only is it gross, but it's literally spreading disease.

Cities that adopted mandatory paid sick leave from 2003 to 2015 saw flu cases drop by about 5 per­cent after their laws took effect, according to the nonprofit National Bureau of Economic Research. That means an estimated 100 fewer infections per week for a city of 100,000 people, Bloomberg reports.

Despite the discomfort ill people experience at work, nearly 3 million sick people still try to stomach through the workday each week. A third of employees cite financial reasons for coming to work sick, since they lack paid sick leave. The other two-thirds, who do have the work benefits allowing them to stay home, still come up with excuses to show up — everything from wanting to appear tough in front of co-workers to not wanting work to pile up in their absence.

We appreciate the heroism, but if you really care about the greater good, do us all a favor and keep your germs at home!