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Stephen Colbert finds proof that Elon Musk wants to send Donald Trump to Mars

Stephen Colbert began his Late Show monologue on Wednesday with another look at Monday night's debate, focusing on Donald Trump's spat with ex-Miss Universe Alicia Machado and continued insistence he won despite the evidence, and ended it with a look at a British sperm-bank app. But he spent the middle part on Elon Musk's newly unveiled plan to transport humans to Mars by 2022 — or "halfway through Mike Pence's second term," Colbert joked, since President Trump would quit on Day 3 — at a cost of $10 billion a head.

"Finally, a plan to shoot billionaires into space," Colbert said. "I believe we have gotten a photo of the project managers," he added, throwing to a photo of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in lab coats by a rocket. "The question is, why would it be $10 billion?" Colbert asked. "Where have I heard that number before? Wait a second, how much does Donald Trump say he has?" You know that answer. "Aha! Elon Musk wants Donald Trump off the planet!" Colbert said. "I tell you what, if Donald won't pony up, I say we pass around the hat — maybe this one?" And hey, MMGA has a certain ring to it? Watch below. Peter Weber