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Alas Poor Donald!

Donald Trump proudly displays Halloween mask of Donald Trump

At a rally Monday in Sarasota, Florida, Donald Trump got to have some fun with the crowd when it turned out somebody had brought a Donald Trump mask leftover from Halloween.

Trump was in the middle of telling his audience: "This is different than a Billy Graham crusade. But you know what, we're all looking for the same thing. We're looking for greatness for our country. We're looking for religious liberty. We're looking for religious liberty. But we are somewhat different personalities."

As the crowd cheered, Trump then spotted something of true greatness — his own likeness. "Look at this mask! Look at this mask," he exclaimed. "Oh, wow. Wow, that's beautiful. Look at that. Looks just like me."

The mask was then passed up to the stage, and Trump gladly took it to show off to his supporters.

"Nice head of hair, I'll say that," he quipped. As the mask was passed back, he remarked: "Thank you, thank you. Is there any place more fun to be than a Trump rally?"

In response, the audience cheered that no, there was no such other place to be. Watch the video below, via Talking Points Memo. Eric Kleefeld