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Watch these Mexican politicians gleefully whack a Donald Trump piñata

Mexican politicians spent their annual Christmas party taking out their pent-up rage against Donald Trump. While attendees at white tablecloth-draped tables looked on, legislators from the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution took swings at a piñata modeled after America's president-elect.

Trump and Mexico haven't had the chummiest of relationships so far, after Trump launched his presidential campaign by calling Mexicans "rapists" and "criminals" and then vowing to build a border wall that Mexico would pay for. In fact, for each surge in the polls Trump saw during the U.S. election, Mexico watched its currency's value decrease; after the election, the peso dropped to a record low.

Mexican Sen. Miguel Barbosa insisted the holiday party activity was all in good fun. "We must not take it as a provocation but as it was, a Christmas pre-fiesta that showed the rejection and a way of thinking of many Mexicans," Barbosa said.

This piñata, unlike the one bashed by former Mexican President Vicente Fox in September, wasn't "totally empty." Watch the partygoers bust out the candy in the video below. Becca Stanek