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The Daily Show finds the one safe Christmas gift for your pro- and anti-Trump loved ones

Buying Christmas presents is hard enough in normal years, "but somehow this year it's gotten even worse," correspondent Ronny Chieng said to kick off his Daily Show holiday gift guide. The reason? Donald Trump — or, rather, the dueling boycotts pushed by opponents and supporters of the president-elect. "Holidays used to be about joy, and love, and trampling each other to death at Best Buy, and now we've got to worry about politics?" Chieng asked. "Come on. I can't just buy my brother-in-law a toaster anymore — now it has to be a toaster that supported Bernie in the primaries?"

He ran through some of the boycott campaigns, noting their obvious flaws. "Look, not everything has to be political," he said, dwelling on the (apparently fruitless) calls for boycotting Rogue One. "Star Wars is about an evil, power-hungry man and his family trying to undermine democracy, all right? It's just a movie!" Chieng said. "Look, obviously this is a tense, politically charged holiday season, and there's a lot of passion and anger on both sides," he concluded. "So, I think the best gift everyone will be happy to receive is the gift of understanding... that noise-canceling headphones are the only f—ing way we're going to make it to New Year's." There is NSFW language. Watch below. Peter Weber