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Sean Hannity mocks Joe Scarborough for 'asking Fox to hire you'

Just when you might have thought good old fashioned Twitter fights were done for, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and former Hillary Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon locked horns. Then Sean Hannity jumped in, for good measure.

It started with Scarborough tweeting about a leaked classified intelligence report that revealed top Russian officials celebrating Donald Trump winning the election:

That set Fallon off. He began by linking to Scarborough's original tweet:

Scarborough hit back:

Fallon responded: "You routinely treated leaked reports [about] Clinton as fact. Now bad report for Trump emerges [and] your concern is leaks." As an extra zinger, Fallon added, "I hope [Scarborough] gets his interview with Trump. The man has earned it." (Meanwhile, on his own account, Scarborough tweeted: "What a shock. Clinton staffers have a casual attitude toward the reckless passing around of classified documents.")

With the ball back in his court, Scarborough wrote:

But the show isn't over until Sean Hannity sings:

Et cetera.

Scarborough, a word of advice: When it doubt, never hurts to just quote some Lincoln.