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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reckons President Trump 'would be impeached' if he followed adviser Stephen Miller's advice

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough reminded President Trump's senior policy adviser Stephen Miller of a little thing called judicial review on Monday morning after Miller, during multiple TV appearances Sunday, declared the president is "correct 100 percent of the time." Criticizing the court's ruling against Trump's immigration executive order, Miller said the president's decisions about national security ought not to be questioned. "[The president's decisions] will be questioned my young, little Miller," Scarborough said. "They will be questioned by the court. It's called judicial review. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. It was enshrined in Madison's Constitution."

Scarborough said the White House is "embarrassing themselves by putting this guy up," describing Miller's "performance" as "horrendous" and "an embarrassment." "That is the talk of a dictator, not somebody who is president of the United States," Scarborough said. If Trump's administration were to actually act based on Miller's suggestions, "we could have impeachment proceedings within the next six months," Scarborough warned.

Watch Scarborough's horrified reactions to the "anti-Constitutional forces in that White House" below. Becca Stanek