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When Trump is around, Chris Christie's not allowed to order for himself

President Trump can't control the protests against his policies, the judges who keep ruling against him, or the officials who are leaking like a sieve, but he can tell New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie what he's going to order for lunch.

Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, joined Trump at the White House on Tuesday, and while guest hosting a sports talk radio show on Thursday, the governor shared a story that he must have found amusing but actually just revealed that he lost all autonomy during the visit. "This is what it's like to be with Trump," Christie said. "He says, 'There's the menu, you guys order whatever you want.' And then he says, 'Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.'"

He said Trump declared the meatloaf "fabulous," but Christie stayed mum on whether or not he enjoyed the meal foisted upon him.