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Woman does cartwheels during her sobriety test, gets arrested anyway

When Albuquerque police found Bryelle Marshall, 23, asleep behind the wheel of her parked car after reports of reckless driving, they decided to administer a field sobriety test. But instead of counting backwards from 100 or bending and touching her nose, Marshall decided to do her own demonstration of sobriety: cartwheels.

"We're not doing yoga, I don't know what you're doing. Put your hands down," a puzzled police officer instructs Marshall moments before she careens into acrobatics:

Police said Marshall appeared "extremely intoxicated and was having a hard time listening to officers' commands," NBC News reports. Marshall eventually ended up kicking an officer in the back mid-cartwheel and "at that point, Marshall's opportunities to complete the tests were over and she was arrested."