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Using GPS, storm chasers remember Twister star Bill Paxton

To honor Bill Paxton, the star of Twister who died on Saturday, close to 200 storm chasers used GPS coordinates to spell out his initials on a map showing Oklahoma's stretch of Tornado Alley.

The Spotter Network came up with the tribute on Sunday, with its president, John Wetter, telling The Associated Press the group has done this for a handful of chasers, but never for someone not in the field. In Twister, Paxton famously played a storm chaser researching tornadoes in Oklahoma.

The National Weather Service also remembered Paxton, tweeting that Twister was "an inspiration to many budding meteorologists over the last 20 years. Thank you, Bill Paxton, a.k.a. Bill 'The Extreme' Harding."