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you say potato, i say protest

You can pay $5 to send Republican Sen. Ron Johnson a protest potato

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) hopefully has a few good potato recipes, because it sounds like he's about to need them.

The Wisconsin Republican is in hot water with some of his constituents, who charge that he is overdue to hold a local town hall meeting to hear their concerns. (There was even a report that the Johnson office was sending cease and desist letters to constituent activists; as it turns out, the office sent a letter to one man who did call the senator's office repeatedly but may also have been threatening Johnson's staff. The letter was sent at the suggestion of the Capitol Police.)

To give the town hall complaint some teeth, Max Temkin — who happens to be the co-creator of the party game Cards Against Humanity — has a plan involving protest potatoes:

Temkin's original idea, as he also said on Twitter, was to send "one ton of inverted pork rectums" to Johnson's office monthly until a town hall was scheduled. That plan seems to have been scrapped.

Will the potato pitch work? Well, you may recall that for Black Friday 2016, Cards Against Humanity successfully raised $100,000 to dig a pointless "holiday hole." Before that, the company made $180,000 selling actual bull feces. So yeah, it's probably time for the recipes.