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'There will not be a vote'

Bill Kristol predicts demise for the GOP health-care bill

The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol predicted Thursday that Republicans' health-care proposal will blow up in their faces before it even gets to a vote. "It's going to fall apart. There will not be a vote," Kristol said during an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Kristol said the impending crash and burn boils done to the "astonishing" lack of planning that went into the American Health Care Act before its unveiling Monday night. Though Republicans are now seemingly "intoxicated with the notion that Trump's going to bless" the bill and it "goes sailing through" Congress, Kristol predicted congressmen will have a rude awakening when they "go home in a week or two" and meet with hospital administrators and doctors. "They're going to discover, 'Gee, this thing, who's in favor of it?'" Kristol said, going on to point out how much work the Obama administration put into its health-care rollout. "They think they can just slap this down," he added.

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