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'a creature of habit'

President Trump loves meatloaf

While Vice President Mike Pence has enjoyed dining out in Washington, D.C., President Trump has preferred staying closer to the comforts of his new home. Politico reported Thursday that Trump has gone out to eat just once since he took office in January, and that one outing was "a trip to his own Trump International Hotel for well-done steak."

When Trump eats at the White House, he sticks to what he knows and likes. His "favorite dish" is apparently meatloaf, which he eats "often," Politico reported.

Trump's habits are strikingly different from those of former President Barack Obama, who visited a record 80 restaurants in D.C. while president, but those who know Trump aren't surprised. Trump's friend Ronald Kessler told Politico that Trump "loves his own territory" and "almost never goes to another restaurant aside from his own eating facilities." "He doesn't change," Kessler said. "He is a creature of habit."