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This 5-year-old loves Costco so much, she made it her birthday party theme

No one can resist the siren call of Costco — with its free samples, piping hot pizza, and Kirkland Signature everything — least of all 5-year-old Kimber Walker.

Kimber loves shopping at the members-only warehouse club with her parents, and for the past two years she has requested a Costco-themed birthday party. "She's pretty quirky, so it goes right along with her personality," her mother, Niki Walker, told Inside Edition. Kimber has had a few health issues — she was born with Chlari malformation and Sturge-Weber syndrome, and over the last year had to have 20 laser surgeries to prevent glaucoma — and when it came time for her to celebrate turning 5, her parents were happy to fete their daughter with the bulk-sized party of her dreams.

The Walkers transformed their North Carolina home into a small-scale Costco, serving guests sample-sized portions of fruit snacks, pigs in a blanket, and chips (all from Costco, of course). Kimber's family and friends decorated their own membership cards, and "bought" fun party favors using cash with the birthday girl's face on it. Kimber wore a Costco employee badge that her local store printed for her, and ended the party by digging into a giant chocolate cake featuring Costco's familiar logo and the words "Employee of the Month, 5 Years of Service." Catherine Garcia