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Watch Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump shoot the breeze with Alec Baldwin's Bill O'Reilly on SNL

Alec Baldwin on SNL

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live this week, pulling double duty as Fox News host Bill O'Reilly clumsily sidestepping his sexual misconduct allegations and settlements — as well as "a man who is unimpeachable on all female issues," President Donald Trump.

Baldwin's O'Reilly made sure to thank the president for coming to his defense — the real life Trump volunteered his belief that the Fox host is a "good person" who didn't do "anything wrong" — even though Baldwin's Trump knows next to nothing about what actually happened. "I'm more familiar with this case than, say, health care," he explains, "but I didn't look into it much, no. I was busy being super presidential by bombing sh-t."

Watch the full skit, which works in a few groan-inducing fake commercials in reference to O'Reilly's loss of advertising support, below. Bonnie Kristian