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Will the White House try to revive TrumpCare one more time?

With the 100-day deadline looming, the White House is reportedly looking for a win. Citing two sources "close to the health-care legislative process," CNN reported Wednesday that the White House is exploring whether it can accomplish the famed repeal-and-replace of ObamaCare before the administration's 100th day lapses on Saturday, April 29.

President Trump threw his support behind House Speaker Paul Ryan's American Health Care Act, which Republicans withdrew from the House floor last month after it failed to garner enough support to pass. A senior administration official told CNN that the problem is not TrumpCare, but intra-party scuffling. "I don't think it's having to re-write the bill," the official said. "It's just a total trust gap. As soon as we solve that, we can have a vote."

Both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have expressed optimism about health-care reform this week, with Trump telling CNN on Tuesday that "the plan is getting better and better all the time" and Pence saying Wednesday that he was "very confident" that Congress would "come together" on health care. Congress has been on recess since April 10, but will return to session Monday.

"We'd all like to have it done by [the 100th day], but not sure that's feasible," an unnamed Republican source told CNN. "We need to manage expectations. We've learned a lesson on arbitrary deadlines."