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O'Reilly out

Bill O'Reilly might be getting paid as much as $25 million to leave Fox News

Bill O'Reilly will reportedly leave Fox News $20 million to $25 million richer, a person familiar with the situation told Variety. Per O'Reilly's contract, he is entitled to as much as his current yearly salary, which is believed to be in that range.

O'Reilly was let go on Wednesday after reports that he and Fox News quietly paid $13 million to settle sexual harassment allegations brought by female employees over the past 15 years. A spokesperson for O'Reilly declined to comment on the money he will be paid by Fox. O'Reilly has called the harassment claims "completely unfounded."

When former CEO Roger Ailes left Fox last year, also due to sexual harassment allegations, he was also said to be paid a settlement for the time remaining on his contract, Variety reports.