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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Trevor Noah celebrates 4/20 with a blunt intervention for President Trump

"Today is basically National Weed Day," April 20, Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show, and do you know who knows it? "Your news anchors in America." It used to be you couldn't joke about marijuana on network TV, "but it's easier these days, because support for legalizing pot is at record levels — partly because Americans have started to realize that unnecessarily incarcerating people for marijuana does more harm than good," he said. "But even as most people are moving in that direction, unfortunately there is one very powerful little man who disagrees."

After playing a video of Attorney General Jeff Sessions dissing pot, Noah showed a picture of him as a Keebler elf and told him to "think of the upside, man: More people smoke marijuana, more people buy your cookies." He conceded that marijuana can have its downsides along with its medical and fiscal benefits, and argued that alcohol is 10 times more dangerous — and infinitely more available. "4/20 is only once a year," Noah said. "Miller Time is every day." Then things got a little stoney.

"There's another reason it's weird Trump's attorney general is against marijuana," Noah said. "And I know this might sound crazy, but just hear me out for a second. I have a theory that President Donald Trump is always high." His evidence included Trump's forgetting names, losing an entire U.S. Navy carrier strike force, and other erratic behavior, like getting the munchies when discussing his Syrian missile strike. And if that doesn't convince you of Noah's hazy theory, maybe a little photoshopping will do the trick. Watch below. Peter Weber