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House Republicans confronted with 'Shame!' chants after leaving victorious health-care vote

House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act in a tight vote Thursday, sending the GOP health-care bill on to the Senate. The bill earned 217 affirmative votes — all from Republicans — just over the bare minimum required to pass the lower chamber.

The AHCA had been criticized for its restrictions on coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Recent amendments to the bill enable states to waive the requirement for insurers to charge the same premiums for similarly aged individuals regardless of health status, which could send costs skyrocketing for sick individuals. A deal struck Wednesday allotted $8 billion over five years to supplement coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, but because the Congressional Budget Office has yet to score the bill, it is unclear whether that is sufficient funding to fill the coverage gap.

As victorious Republican Congress members were leaving the chamber after Thursday's vote, they were confronted with protesters:

The House Republican members were on their way to a beer-stocked celebration party at the White House. With Thursday's passage, the bill moves on to the Senate, where it is expected to face a steep uphill battle.