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Late night Covers TrumpCare

Trevor Noah searches for anybody who actually likes the Republican health-care bill

House Republicans passed their American Health Care Act in a squeaker on Thursday, popped open some Bud Lights, and headed over to the White House for a celebration with President Trump, who marveled that he was president. "Even Donald Trump can't believe he's president," Trevor Noah said on Thursday night's Daily Show. "I guess he does relate to the American people after all." The GOP passed the bill without knowing what it says, what it will cost, or what it will do — "hell, your baby could have to do its own C-section from the inside, you don't know!" Noah said.

Clearly, "Republicans cared less about the bill's quality than the optics of getting a bill passed," he said. "And we know that they didn't like this bill, because they kept on telling us." He proved it, finishing with a clip of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). "Oh, something we can live with?" Noah repeated. "That's a particularly poor choice of words. Right now there's someone with cancer watching that going, 'Who the f— is we?' Because the big difference between the bill the House passed today and the one that failed six weeks ago is that this one is even worse for people who are most vulnerable."

Republicans will tell you that they have people with pre-existing conditions covered with the high-risk pools — "which sound less like an insurance plan and more like something you'd find in Charlie Sheen's backyard," Noah quipped — but there's one problem with their promise: Math. "I'm just going to put it out there: If you're short $192 billion, just say you don't have the money," he said. "You can't be 'short' the GDP of Greece."

So House Republicans and people with pre-existing conditions don't like the bill, Democrats hate it, and all the major medical and elderly advocacy groups came out against the bill. "You know, there are many people who are going to be mad about what happened today," Noah said. "And one group that should be more pissed off than any other is Trump voters. Because we all remember what we heard from Trump during the campaign." If you forgot, he was happy to remind you. And he ended on one thing he and Trump do (kind of) agree on. Watch below. Peter Weber