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CNN's Chris Cuomo called out Kellyanne Conway for her outrageous spin on the Comey firing

CNN's Chris Cuomo confronted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday's episode of New Day for "creating an image" about President Trump's reasons for firing FBI Director James Comey that "doesn't reveal itself in fact."

Conway claimed that Trump's decision had nothing to do with the FBI's ongoing investigation into the president's ties to Russia's election meddling, but rather was because he wanted an FBI director who is "impartial" and "not politicized." She pointed to Comey's incorrect testimony about Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin's email forwarding practices, which prompted the FBI to deliver a letter of clarification Tuesday to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Comey claimed Abedin forwarded "hundreds and thousands" of emails, when in fact just two email chains that contained classified information were forwarded manually.

Cuomo wasn't buying Conway's explanation. "So President Trump was so upset that James Comey was unfair to Huma Abedin that he fired him?" Cuomo said. He noted that Trump knew from the start that Comey "had been divisive within the agency," but happened to oust him just as the Russia investigation "is heating up."

Watch Cuomo call out Conway below. Becca Stanek