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Congressman trolls Trump with the introduction of the 'Covfefe' Act

It seems President Trump will never live down his Twitter typo that he took hours to correct. On Monday, Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) introduced a bill named after Trump's typo, which he called the "Covfefe" Act.

While Trump seemingly meant to write "coverage" when he instead typed "covfefe" in a tweet last month, Quigley is using the word as an acronym for his Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act. The bill calls for social media to be included under the Presidential Records Act to ensure "additional preservation of presidential communication and statements while promoting government accountability and transparency," a statement released by Quigley's office said.

"President Trump's frequent, unfiltered use of his personal Twitter account as a means of official communication is unprecedented," Quigley said in a statement. "If the president is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference."