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Gingrich says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hiring 'bad people' to go after Trump

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed the Russia probe staff brought on by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as being "bad people" on Good Morning America on Tuesday, despite less than a month ago praising Mueller's credentials.

Mueller earned widespread bipartisan support when he was appointed in May to head the independent investigation into the Trump team's possible ties to Russian election meddling. Weeks later, though, President Trump's allies have soured on Mueller despite his "unblemished" reputation and service under presidents of both parties, in the words of The New York Times.

Some are even calling for President Trump to fire Mueller, although Gingrich wouldn't go that far. But "Mueller's first four hires were all Democrats," Gingrich stressed, adding: "These are bad people who are going to be after Trump." Watch below. Jeva Lange