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Trump declares 'Fake News' at an 'all time high,' demands apology for all the 'incorrect stories'

A mere hour after sunrise Tuesday in the nation's capital, President Trump was already tweeting about the "Fake News Media." In his first tweet, posted before 7 a.m. ET, Trump declared the media had hit new lows in pursuing its "agenda of hate":

Two hours later, Trump was still thinking about it. After reiterating that "Fake News is at an all time high," Trump demanded an apology:

Trump did not raise the possibility of apologizing for his "incorrect stories." The Toronto Star tallied that Trump has made 294 untrue claims in his 144 days in office, an average rate of more than two false statements a day.

In between his tweets about the "Fake News Media," Trump bashed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling Monday against his travel ban and questioned former Attorney General Loretta Lynch's decisions regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation.