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Sen. King says Trump firing Mueller would be a 'huge mistake'

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) argued Tuesday on the Today show that it would be a very, very bad idea for the Trump administration to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a decision they're rumored to be considering.

King first set straight that President Trump "cannot fire" Mueller, but must ask the acting attorney general, who would then decide whether to do so. "If he fired him, then I think it would be a huge mistake," King said. He didn't buy the argument that Mueller may have a "conflict of interest," pointing out that Mueller "of course" knows former FBI Director James Comey because Mueller was previously head of the FBI.

King noted that the Trump administration keeps saying they "want to get this over with" and "put it behind them." The best way for that to happen, King said, is to "cooperate" and to let the investigation "take its course." "If there's nothing there, as the president keeps asserting, then why do you keep impeding it?"

Catch King's take on the Mueller rumors below. Becca Stanek