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7 stunned reactions to Trump confirming he's being investigated

In a desperate attempt to defend himself Friday, President Trump admitted that he's "being investigated for firing the FBI director." He insisted in a tweet that the whole thing is a "Witch Hunt," claiming that the investigation into his firing of former FBI Director James Comey is being led by "the man who told me to fire" Comey.

Twitter quickly swooped in to fact check Trump's claims and to marvel at the fact that Trump had just confirmed to the world that he's under investigation. Here's what seven commentators had to say in response to Trump's self-damning tweet. Becca Stanek

1. Joan Walsh, national political correspondent for The Nation:

2. Dan Pfeiffer, former senior adviser to former President Barack Obama:

3. David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantic:

4. Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for The New York Times:

5. Brian Walsh, partner at bipartisan public affairs firm Rokk Solutions:

6. Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star:

7. Edward-Isaac Dovere, chief Washington correspondent for Politico: