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Mike Pence got a dog

By all indications, President Trump intends to be the first pet-less president in 150 years. But that doesn't mean the administration is without any furry friends. Vice President Mike Pence has stepped up to the task of making America four-legged again, and on Monday he added a new animal to his menagerie.

America, meet your "second dog," Harley:

Harley plans to spend his day exploring the vice president's residence, Pence's press secretary reports. On his way, Harley is likely to meet his siblings Pickle and Oreo (the Pences' cats) and Marlon Bundo (a bunny). For the time being, Harley won't meet the family snake (yes, really), which lives with Pence's son in Mississippi.

Harley is not the first Pence pup; Maverick, the family's 13-year-old beagle, passed away shortly before the election.

Welcome to the family, Harley, you good boy, you.