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Jon Ossoff tells his supporters the 'fight goes on'

In his concession speech, Jon Ossoff told disappointed supporters his loss was "not the outcome any of us would hope for," but the "fight goes on."

Ossoff, a Democrat, was defeated in Georgia's 6th congressional district special election on Tuesday by Republican Karen Handel, a former Georgia secretary of state. After congratulating Handel, he thanked his volunteers, "the more than 12,000 of you, who as darkness has crept across the planet, have provided a beacon of hope for people here in Georgia, for people across the country, and for people around the world." Politics are being dominated by "fear and hatred and scapegoating," he said, but the community — specifically women — "stood up" and "carried" Ossoff and his campaign "on your shoulders."

The district has been a GOP stronghold for almost 40 years, but Ossoff said his campaign "showed the world that in places where no one thought it was even possible to fight, we could fight." He did not say if he will stay in politics, and has previously said he would have to discuss running again with his fiancée.