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House Republican slams Senate GOP for secretive health-care process: 'It looks like they're trying to hide something'

GOP Rep. Peter King (N.Y.) on Wednesday ripped Senate Republicans for carrying out their discussions on the American Health Care Act behind closed doors. "It looks like they're trying to hide something and it does add to conspiracy theories and everything else," King said in a radio interview with L.I. in the A.M.

King said that while there's a time and a place for private meetings, there should be "more public debate" on the Senate's version of the GOP-backed health-care bill that narrowly passed the House last month. "All of democracy can't be open all the time, things are going to have to be done behind closed doors, that's just common sense," said King, who voted for the bill in the House. "Having said that, that should be kept to a minimum, so I think that if this is too secretive, it's going to put a cloud over the whole final product."

Many Republicans remain unclear on what exactly is in the Senate's version of the health-care bill, but Senate Republican leadership is eyeing a vote next week.

Catch King's interview below. Becca Stanek