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President Trump: 'I have very little time for watching TV'

President Trump tweeted Wednesday morning to assure the world that the White House is "functioning perfectly." The day after his son self-published his emails in which he arranged a meeting with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer to get compromising information on Hillary Clinton, Trump insisted that his administration is "focused" on the big issues — so focused, in fact, that he has "very little time for watching TV":

Perhaps by TV, Trump was referring to his daytime soaps, because it seems he's had plenty of time to watch TV news. MSNBC's Kyle Griffin tallied that Trump has "retweeted Fox News nine times" since Monday. Just half an hour before Trump complained about not having enough time to watch TV, NBC News' Bradd Jaffy noted it was reported on MSNBC that Trump "has been watching a lot of TV news the last few days to take in scandal coverage."

Before Trump tweeted about his administration's intense "focus" on issues like health-care reform and tax cuts, he took time to muse about what Clinton, whom he defeated eight months ago, "may have gotten away with." Becca Stanek