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Trump's first non-Fox News interview in over 2 months will be with the Christian Broadcasting Network

President Trump's first non-Fox News interview in more than two months will be with Christian Broadcasting Network's Pat Robertson, Mediaite reports. Trump was reportedly interviewed by CBN at the White House on Wednesday morning, with the clip to air on The 700 Club on Thursday.

Trump has been criticized for favoring outlets that are friendly to his administration, and CBN is no different. "Early on in his presidency, Trump gave the Christian station an interview and the channel's reporters were given questions at early news conferences, much to the consternation of mainstream news agencies," Mediaite reports. In June, Trump gave a Fox & Friends interview that was slammed by CNN as being an "infomercial" that was "all about showering Trump with positive attention and burying his perceived opponents with negative attention."

CBN teased that Trump talked about North Korea, terrorism, health-care reform, taxes, and religious liberty, and he apparently reassuringly "differentiated his administration from Putin's, saying he's working for America's best interests while Putin is fighting for Russia." Read more about the interview at CBN.