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Men, you can now get your vasectomy with booze, steaks, and your best guy friends

Gentlemen, if you're itching to voluntarily end your reproductive ability with a relatively painless snip, but also want to share the experience with some of your closest male friends, you're in luck: According to The Wall Street Journal, "'Brosectomies' are a thing now."

Hundreds of thousands of men get vasectomies in the U.S. each year, the American Urological Association says, noting that the procedure is faster and safer than the most analogous procedure for women, tubal ligation. Even so, there's obviously room for improvement — and for a few thousand dollars a head, men can get the $500 vasectomy, snacks or a steak dinner, maybe a stiff drink or two, and a club-like recovery lounge where they can watch sports with their similarly recovering pals.

Urologists who offer group vasectomies say they make the men more relaxed, willing to get snipped, and, anecdotally, quicker to recover. "We thought it was going to be painful," Jeb Lopez told the Journal, after a getting a vasectomy at a clubby clinic with friend Rob Ferretti, who videotaped the experience, but it was more like getting snapped with a rubber band. "After that, we were just laughing, I guess it's from the alcohol, but we had such a great time."

Megan Gerald joined her fiancé, David Dischley, at his appointment at the same clinic Lopez and Ferretti used, Obsidian Men's Health outside Washington, D.C., and she was impressed. "I gave birth to two children, and this is so easy," she told the Journal. "It's not fair!" You can watch Ferretti and Lopez laugh their way through their brosectomy, and read more about the trend at The Wall Street Journal.