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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Trump's voter ID czar, moonlights as a paid Breitbart columnist

Kris Kobach is a busy man. Along with his duties as the Kansas secretary of state and head of President Trump's "election integrity" commission, Kobach is running for governor of Kansas, operates a private-sector law firm on the side, and recently signed on as a regular columnist for Breitbart News, the site published once again by Trump's former chief strategist (and current phone confidante) Stephen Bannon. So far he has published seven articles on Breitbart, four of them about immigration policy, and each includes a link to his campaign website.

"I think Breitbart.com appeals to anyone who is Republican or conservative in any way," Kobach told The Kansas City Star, disputing the characterization of the site as catering to white nationalists and the so-called alt-right — a claim made by, among others, its former editor at large, Ben Shapiro. "I get paid for my columns," Kobach told the Star's Bryan Lowry, "just like you're paid," and he said he usually writes his columns after dinner. He has resisted calls to disclose his tax returns or say where his outside income comes from.

Patrick Miller, a political scientist at the University of Kansas, says that writing for Breitbart probably won't hurt Kobach, since the readers attracted to Breitbart are probably already inclined to vote for him, and it might even help him gain national exposure in the crowded GOP gubernatorial primary.