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Trevor Noah finds the good and bad news in Trump's 'super weird' deal with the Democrats

Trevor Noah started Wednesday's Daily Show with a look at the all the destruction from "once in a lifetime" Hurricane Irma, following the historic devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and imagined a scenario in which ISIS could convince Republicans that human-influenced climate change is real. "But before America deals with this potential disaster, unfortunately it has to finish dealing with its current disaster," Harvey, and that involves Congress approving federal spending. As of Wednesday morning, it looked likely that dysfunctional Washington would default on its debt and shut down the government instead.

"But then, at roughly 12:30 p.m. EDT, a true miracle took place," Noah said. "The thing you would never expect to happen actually happened: Donald Trump made a deal." Not only that, he made a deal with the Democrats. "You have to admit that is super weird," he said. Republicans thought so, too, and they were furious, but enough of them will go along with it to give America a breather. "It took a hurricane to keep the government open — and staying open is square one, by the way," Noah said.

But they did it. The bad news is that it took a hurricane to make it happen, Noah said. "The good news is that there's more hurricanes coming. The bad news is that they're hurricanes. Like, at this rate, Americans are going to be hoping for natural disasters, just so their government gets s--t done. Like, who knows? In the future, instead of getting the news from the news, Americans might just be watching the weather." He imagined what such a news-weather hybrid might look like, with an assist from Michael Kosta. Watch below. Peter Weber