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Rachel Maddow connects the Michael Flynn-Russia dots

A lot of news about Michael Flynn, President Trump's former campaign adviser and short-tenured national security adviser, came out on Wednesday, and if you have 20 minutes, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow tied the threads into a tight knot on Wednesday night's show. Maddow began with CNN's reports about Flynn and other top Trump officials secretly meeting with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates in December, roped in the NBC News scoop that Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller is also looking at Flynn's son, Michael G. Flynn, and then turned to the Wall Street Journal report that the elder Flynn lobbied for a Mideast nuclear power deal that involved Russia before, during, and after his turn in the White House, and did not disclose any of that on his financial disclosure forms or national security clearance renewal application.

That's a lot to digest, and Maddow started pulling it all together, with bullet points, about 14 minutes in. Maddow is a vocal critic of Trump and his administration, but if you want to get a bigger picture of what she calls Flynn's "sticky web" of money, Trump, Russia, and legal jeopardy, she provides that. Watch below. Peter Weber