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Comedy Central renews Trevor Noah's contract through 2022

Comedy Central announced Thursday that it has renewed The Daily Show host Trevor Noah's contract through 2022. Noah is just a couple weeks away from his two-year anniversary as the host of Comedy Central's flagship late-night show, which was previously helmed by Jon Stewart for 16 years. The South African comedian will remain the show's anchor, as well as a writer and executive producer, and he will also produce and host Comedy Central's annual year-end specials.

Comedy Central President Kent Alterman praised Noah for finding "his voice in the show," which Alterman described as "incisive and funny." "We have never had any lack of confidence in Trevor. Quite the opposite, we've never wavered in our belief in him, and now what we're seeing is that the rest of the world has taken notice and expressed the same confidence," Alterman said.

Noah was equally enthusiastic. "It's really exciting to renew this contract for either five more years or until Kim Jong Un annihilates us all — whichever one comes first," Noah said in a statement.