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Megyn Kelly Today

NBC is really hoping Megyn Kelly's morning show debut has a 'less bad' reception than her Sunday show

Megyn Kelly's NBC News morning program, Megyn Kelly Today, is set to debut one week from today, on Sept. 25 at 9 a.m., but there are already some serious concerns about her role at the network. "We are just bracing ourselves and hoping [the reception of Megyn Kelly Today] is less bad than the reception of [her] Sunday show," one NBC staffer told Vanity Fair.

Kelly left Fox News for NBC News in January after 12 years at the conservative-leaning network. She was reportedly drawn to NBC's morning show offer because it would leave her with more time to spend with her children and husband, and as part of her move, she also signed on for a Sunday night news show, which aired over the summer. Her salary is estimated to be more than $17 million.

Ultimately, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly did make headlines, but not necessarily the desired kind — Kelly's rating were never noteworthy, even when interviewing controversial figures like Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones.

"If she doesn't [succeed with the morning show], it'll be a disaster for NBC,” one news media insider told Vanity Fair. Forbes additionally ruled: "No, NBC still hasn't figured out what to do with Megyn Kelly." Page Six also declared that Kelly's "coworkers are already 'outraged'" by her presence at the network.

"They wonder, 'When does NBC stop throwing money at her?'" one person told the gossip section.