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Even the White House isn't sure what the new GOP health-care bill would do

Though the Trump administration is totally behind the Graham-Cassidy bill in public, a White House official admitted to Politico that they "really aren't sure what the impact will be" if the bill gets passed. And that's apparently not the only uncertainty within the White House:

They also fear that the bill could bring political blowback from the left and right.

Trump has publicly expressed enthusiasm about the bill, tweeting about it repeatedly. But in conversations with aides, he has turned back to one topic: What can the White House do that is seen as "repeal and replace?" a phrase he likes to repeat. [Politico]

On top of that, there are doubts about whether the bill can actually even pass the House and Senate. Administration officials and congressional sources told Politico that Trump and his team "have little sway" over wavering GOP senators who are key to the success of the vote, slated for next week.

But even if he did, Trump has reportedly "refrained from making as many calls this go-round."

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