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LG's new smartphone could save you from mosquito bites

LG wants you to ditch the citronella candles. Its newest smartphone, unveiled yesterday in India, emits mosquito-repelling ultrasonic sound waves.

The LG K7i's "Mosquito Away" technology "emits ultrasonic waves from a mesh grid on the back of the phone," CNN Money reports, that repel pests but are harmless to humans. So far, the phone is exclusively available in India, which the National Institutes of Health says faces an estimated 2 million malaria cases every year.

LG already sells washing machines, TVs, and air conditioners that feature anti-mosquito waves, though scientists are still unsure if the technology works at all. But with a bargain $122 price tag, it may be worth a try — just think of all the money you could save if you never bought OFF! again.