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SNL's shipwrecked lesbian friends are super disappointed with Wonder Woman's all-female island

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, appearing in one skit set on Wonder Woman's secret home, Themyscira. The scene opens with Diana and her fellow Amazons practicing for battle, but they are soon joined by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant as two shipwrecked lesbians who are very glad to have arrived at an island paradise populated exclusively by warrior women.

After recounting their harrowing journey on the high seas, McKinnon's Dre decides to "cut to the chase. Show of hands: Who all here's a lez? Is it everyone, or do we have a couple of allies?" "So it's Megan and Dre," Bryant as Megan helpfully chimes in. "Who else? We got two. We'd love to see that hand go up, Diana."

Met with confused looks and, in Diana's case, persistent rejection, the shipwrecked friends disappointedly explain this is "a huge let-down for us" because "the whole thing seems so super gay" until Diana agrees to try a kiss with Dre just to make sure.

Diana's sexuality and that of the Amazons more broadly has long been a subject of interest in Wonder Woman fandom. In Gadot's movie, Diana has a relationship with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, while a DC Comics writer said in 2016 the character is bisexual, and that Themyscira "makes no logical sense" without same-sex relationships among the Amazons. On SNL, however, they are apparently asexual.

Watch the full sketch below. Bonnie Kristian