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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert wonders which 'elite truckers' are stoked by Trump's millionaires-only tax cuts

President Trump held a big signing ceremony Thursday for his executive order to undermine ObamaCare, but he forgot one small thing, Stephen Colbert showed on The Late Show. "That is troubling — at the signing he forgot to do the signing. But on the plus side, let's hope he forgets the launch codes." The rest of his monologue was dedicated to Trump's pitch for his tax plan on Wednesday night, in front of a group of truckers in Pennsylvania.

Trump summarized his tax plan with two words, "huge, rocket," which left Colbert confused. But Trump clarified a bit, explaining that some business taxes will be at an 80-year low when he's done. "Yes, bottom line: He's taking our tax plan back more than 80 years, to the 1930s, the era that will forever be known as the Great Happiness," Colbert said. "And the president came down hard on the tax that truckers hate the most: the one that only applies to dying millionaires," the estate tax. Out of about 186,000 working trucking companies, roughly 30 would be helped by repealing the estate tax — which applies to individuals worth $5.5 million or couples worth $11 million — he said. "So who are these elite truckers?" Well, he found one:

Colbert also subbed himself in for Sean Hannity in Hannity's pre-rally interview of Trump. You can watch that below. Peter Weber