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It wasn't all bad

Family adopts 69-year-old man who never had a stable home

After bouncing from home to home throughout his entire life, Homer Williams, 69, won't ever have to pack his bags and move again.

Williams has intellectual disabilities, and has always lived in temporary housing. When Michelle and Alan Vry of Runnells, Iowa, heard about a local organization called Mosaic that was trying to find host families for adults with intellectual disabilities, they thought it would be wonderful to welcome someone into their home, now less crowded due to their two children growing up and moving out.

Williams has lived with the Vry family on their farm for one month now, and "it's like heaven," he said. Williams enjoys spending time with Michelle and Alan, listening to music, and helping with the animals. "We don't just get the privilege of keeping Homer in our home for good," Michelle Vry told WHO. "We get the honor of keeping Homer in our home for good."