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SNL's Trump is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, a gleeful Hillary Rodham Clinton

Alec Baldwin as President Trump on SNL

Saturday Night Live opened with Alec Baldwin's President Trump hiding away from the White House Christmas party — where Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway "got so drunk [she] told the truth" — because the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has him in "pouty baby mode." Left alone in the Oval Office, Trump is soon visited by a Jacob Marley-esque Michael Flynn, "the Ghost of Witness Flipped."

Flynn is merely the first Christmas Carol-inspired apparition to pay President Scrooge a visit, culminating in an appearance from the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, a positively gleeful Hillary Rodham Clinton who has received "the greatest Christmas gift of all: sexual gratification in the form of [Trump's] slow demise." Watch the full skit below. Bonnie Kristian