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Roy Moore

Trump endorses Roy Moore in morning tweets

The polls are mixed, and pollsters flummoxed, heading into Alabama's Dec. 12 special election for a Senate seat, with many Republicans leery of both Republican Roy Moore, credibly accused of sexual improprieties with several teenage girls as young as 14, and Democrat Doug Jones, because he's a Democrat. On Monday morning, President Trump moved from criticizing Jones to actively supporting Moore, playing on partisanship:

Trump repeated his criticism of Jones, a former federal prosecutor, in a second tweet. Republicans have 52 senators, enough to pass their tax cuts even with one defection, but Trump isn't the only Republican warming up to the idea of Moore winning the race. On Sunday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) shifted from urging Moore to drop out of the race to saying he's "going to let the people of Alabama make the call" on Moore.