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Trump's support among white evangelicals has dropped 17 points since February

A new survey from the Pew Research Center found broad agreement among Democrats and Republicans about the importance of the GOP tax legislation, a sharp partisan split over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian collusion, and almost no good news for President Trump on his job approval. Overall, 32 percent of Americans (and 34 percent of registered voters) approve of Trump's performance, down from 39 percent in February, and most of the losses are from conservatives.

Trump still has majority support from Republicans (76 percent) and white evangelical Protestants (61 percent), but those are the only groups polled where Trump's approval rating is higher than 46 percent. The 17-point drop among evangelicals since February is especially steep.

Trump's support also dropped significantly among white Americans without a college degree, Catholics, and moderate Republicans. He has a 7 percent approval rating among black Americans and also Democrats, and the only demographic where his approval ratings is unchanged is Hispanics, steady at 17 percent. The poll was conducted among 1,503 adults from Nov. 29 to Dec. 4, and it has a margin of sampling error of ±2.9 percentage points.