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Sean Spicer is writing a book to 'set the record straight' about his Trump tenure

On Fox News Monday night, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that he is writing a book about his brief and tumultuous tenure at the White House and on President Trump's presidential campaign. The book, The Briefing, will be published in July by Regnery Publishing, a leading publishing house for political and social conservatives.

"I've decided that it is incumbent on me to set the record straight," Spicer told Sean Hannity. "I looked back at the coverage of the campaign, the transition and the first six, seven months of this White House and realized that the stories that are being told are not an accurate represent [sic] of what President Trump went through to get the nomination, to transition to the White House and then his first six months in office."

"This isn't about White House gossip," Spicer told The Washington Examiner. "I can tell you from first-hand experience of the rampant hostility President Trump faces daily from the mainstream press, and I want the American people to have an opportunity to hear the truth they won't hear from mainstream media." So if you were hoping to read about Spicer from reporters hiding behind bushes, you might have to wait for Sarah Huckabee Sanders' inevitable tell-all.