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Business school professors are adjusting their courses for a post-#MeToo world

Many of the top business schools in America have begun to incorporate the #MeToo movement into their curriculums, with companies like Uber serving as "a case study in both sensational business success and rampant corporate misbehavior," The New York Times reports.

"Ethics and values have taken on more significance," explained Georgetown McDonough School of Business professor Ed Soule. "It has to do with all of the things going on in this administration, often things that challenge our understanding of ethics and leadership."

The courses push M.B.A. candidates beyond traditional topics like marketing and economics and into studies of subjects like psychology. As one recent graduate from Harvard Business School put it: "There's a growing body of M.B.A.s who are really passionate about this. It may not affect your bottom line directly, but it needs to be affecting how you make decisions."

In addition to Uber, students look at cases like sexual harassment allegations at Fox News and a Google employee's memo that argued that women are less equipped for engineering jobs than their male counterparts. Read more about how the #MeToo movement is already changing business schools at The New York Times.