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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Jimmy Kimmel highlights one particularly salacious Trump anecdote in Fire and Fury

Most of Wednesday's shock and awe at the revelations in Michael Wolff's new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, focused on things Stephen Bannon said about President Trump and his family. But "there's a lot of good stuff in this book," Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday's Kimmel Live, listing some embarrassing or otherwise juicy tidbits Wolff wrote about Trump and his circle.

Then Kimmel read a passage highlighted by NBC's Katy Tur that described how Trump allegedly went about trying to seduce his friends' wives, in a very underhanded way, "like Fifty Shades of Orange or something," he said. "These are his friends! No wonder his only friends are Fox & Friends. Who does that to their friends?"

Wolff also writes that "almost everyone Trump hired has called him stupid," Kimmel paraphrased, arguing that Trump's involvement with the book kind of proves Wolff's point. "Why did these idiots let [Wolff] into the White House in the first place? That alone indicates poor decision-making," he said, and threatening legal action to try to stop the book's release is "literally the dumbest move you could make," unless Trump is secretly "getting a cut of the book." Seriously, Kimmel said, "if you don't want people to read a book about you, why would you take legal action to try to stop people from reading the book about you? I wasn't going to buy the book, I was just gonna read the excerpts in magazines and move on. But now that Trump's lawyers are going all-out to try to stop it from being published, I'm buying 20 copies! I can't buy enough of these books!" Watch below. Peter Weber