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Late Night Tackles Trump and Bannon

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel gawk at Trump's feud with Stephen Bannon, other bombshells

A new book about chaos in President Trump's campaign and White House dropped like a political bomb cyclone on Wednesday, and Stephen Colbert ran through some of the juicier revelations on Wednesday's Late Show. Trump, for example, reportedly did not really want himself to win the election — "There's a name for that: a majority of the American voters," Colbert said — and neither did his wife. "Really, Melania cried on Election Night? That is the first thing we have in common," he said.

"This proves once again that when it comes to Donald Trump, everything is exactly what you thought it was," Colbert said after running down some other snippets. "His entire schtick is just trying to convince you you're crazy for seeing what's obvious — which makes sense, I mean that's basically how you sell luxury real estate." But according to Stephen Bannon, the Russia collusion is what you thought it was, too, Colbert said. "So he thinks [Paul] Manafort, Don Jr., and [Jared] Kushner did something treasonous, unpatriotic, and bad s--t. Coincidentally, those are also their Secret Service code names." Trump hit back with a scorching statement, and Colbert didn't disagree with all of it.

Jimmy Kimmel also dug into Fire and Fury on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. "This book paints a very unflattering picture of a detached and flat-out stupid president who eats at McDonald's because he's afraid of being poisoned — this is in the book — he sprays his hair with Just for Men and Ivanka makes fun of him for it, he's constantly leaking information about himself and then demanding to know who leaked the information," he said. "But the real bombshells in the book are from Steve Bannon."

Kimmel was as bemused as everyone else at the Trump-Bannon sniping, but he ended with an imagined conversation between North and South Korea over the newly reopened cross-border hotline. Watch below. Peter Weber